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Saturday, 3 November 2018

7 Reasons Why Good Sleep Is Important

Reasons Why Good Sleep Is Important

Sleep is a vital segment of our lives, but what I'm actually referring as sleep here is a good night sleep. This is very important for us to stay healthy. In fact, it is equally as important as eating healthy meals or exercising.

Sleep can be defined as a state of unconsciousness from which the person can be aroused by sensory or other stimuli.
Unfortunately, we now sleep only few hours and also the quality of the sleep has decreased compared to the past. Well, the western environment has contributed a lot to this.

Below are few reasons why good sleep is very vital.

1. It can lead to weight gain and obesity.
Poor sleep is strongly linked to an individual becoming fat. People who sleep less are known to weigh more than those that get a good adequate sleep.
In fact, if you don't want to be obese, then you should be having an adequate sleep.

Sleep is linked to weight gain via several factors which include hormones and exercise.
Are you intending to lose weight? Then good sleep will help you a lot.

2. Sleep deprivation can lead to eating disorder.
Studies have shown that the individuals who get a good sleep eat less compared to those who are sleep deprived. This is due to increase in the hormone that stimulate hunger (ghrelin) and decrease in the hormone that suppresses hunger (lepetin).

3. Poor sleep can decrease Productivity and Concentration. 
Sleep is very vital for numerous aspects of our brain functions. This includes understanding, concentration, performance and productivity.

A study has shown that students who perform excellently in class are mostly not sleep deprived.

Another study shows that short sleep can affect brain functions similar to that of alcohol intoxication.

Lack of sleep certainly affects the functions of the central nervous system. Prolonged wakefulness is often associated with progressive malfunction of the thought processes and sometimes even causes abnormal behavioural activities.

We are all aware of an increase in sluggishness of thought when a person did not sleep after many hours, but in addition, a person can become irritable or even psychotic after forced wakefulness.

If you would like to improve your understanding and problem solving skill, then you need to be getting a good sleep.

4. Poor Sleep Can Decrease Athletic Performance. 
Good sleep has been shown to enhance athletic performance.

A study conducted on basketball players shows that those who had longer sleep had improved speed, mental wellness, accuracy and reaction times.

5. Sleep Deprived Individuals Have an Increase Risk Of Heart Disease (CVD)
It has been shown that sleep quality and duration can have a profound effect on increase risk of cardiovascular diseases and stroke. This was shown in 15 studies conducted on people who get 7-8 hours each night and those who don't.

6. Sleep Can Affect Metabolism of Glucose and Type 2 Diabetes Risk. 
Insulin sensitivity and blood sugar level can be affected by sleep equality and duration. Deprivation of sleep can decrease insulin sensitivity.

A study conducted in healthy young men shows pre-diabetes symptoms in those having sleep of four hours per night for six nights in a row. But the symptoms were resolved after a week of increased sleep duration.

A study conducted on individuals sleeping less than six hours per night have consistently shown to increase risk of type 2 diabetes.

7. Good Sleep enhances Immune Function. 
Loss of sleep no matter how little it is has shown to impair immune function

A two-week study on the development common cold after administering nasal sprays with the cold virus shows that people who slept less than seven hours in a day were about three times more likely to develop a cold compared those who slept greater than that.

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