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Sunday, 14 October 2018

Five foods you should eat daily

Boosting the energy levels of the body is an important thing in our lives. Likewise providing our bodies with the nutrition they deserve. This article will focus on five foods of which if taken daily can provide your body with the nutrients it needs also boost your energy level.

  1. Almonds.

In local Nigerian language, almond is known as baure (Hausa) and ofio (Yoruba). It is scientifically called Prunus dulcis. The health benefits of almond are numerous but below are some:
Regulation of body cholaesterol
Boost brain function
Relief from constipation
Suppress coughs
Prevent cancer
Reduce swelling
Boost energy production
Prevent heart disorders
Control diabetes
Prevent respiratory disorders
Treat anemia
Regulate blood pressure
Induce weight loss
Improve bone healt

Almonds can either be toasted or taken raw. The health benefits of almonds outlined above are due to the presence of fibers, magnesium, vitamin E, proteins, zinc, iron, calcium etc.

Note: Moderation is a key in many things. So, consuming almonds moderately will offer you the above health benefits. Also, cyanide may be present in bitter almonds and therefore caution exercised when taking too many of it.

2. Eggs
In our previous article, we have explained 7 awesome benefits of consuming eggs. A single large egg can offer about six grams of protein and is about seventy calories. It is filled with proteins, vitamins, iron and omega-3 fatty acids.

For more information read: 7 unbelievable things that happen to people who eat eggs

3. Broccoli

In Nigerian dialect broccoli is known as ‘kabejin brokoli’ (Hausa), ẹfọ (Yoruba) and brọkọlị (Igbo). Broccoli is packed with vitamins, minerals and fibers. 

Some of the health benefits of broccoli  include:
Help in digestion
Prevent chronic diseases
Improve liver health
Boost brain function
Improve hair growth
Decreases allergies
Control blood sugar levels
Improves body metabolism
Prevents and treats cancer
Improves sexual performance
Prevents heart disorders
Boost body immunity
Prevents birth defects
Treats anemia
Control blood pressure

Note: Broccoli can have side effects which include: allergic reaction in some individuals, bowel irritation, skin rashes etc.

4. Banana
Banana is a fruit rich in nutrients, fibers, minerals, vitamins and all natural sugars. It has been established that eating at least two bananas each day for 30 days can immensely improve one’s health.

Some of the health benefits are:
Lowering of blood pressure
Treatment of constipation
Treatment of asthma
Controls blood sugar levels
Prevents colorectal cancer
Improves mood
Improves memory
Induce weight loss
Improves bone health
Cures kidney disorders
Treatment of anemia
Treatment of ulcers
Relieve from menstrual problems

Note: indigestion can result from eating unripe banana. So, unripe banana should be eaten after cooked. Also, individuals suffering from migraine headache are advised not to eat more than half banana per day.

5. Salmon
Salmon is an oily fish containing high amount of protein and omega-3 fatty acids. This specie of fish is particularly found either in fresh water or salt water.

Health benefits of eating salmon include:
Improvement of general wellness
Improves bone health
Protects the brain
Nerves protection
Improves cardiovascular system
Induces weight loss
Improves metabolism
Decreases risks of cancer

Note: eating raw salmon is not advisable due to risk of tapeworm infection.

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