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Friday, 21 September 2018

Finally! Natural Remedies To Allergies Revealed (A must read!)

Natural remedies to allergy revealed
Numerous doctors normally stamp cases of allergic reactions these days. The reason behind this is that little is known regarding allergic reactions and so there is an open room for discussions regarding the diagnosis. About two hundred years back, a disease condition that has no diagnosis was designated as "bad humours" and any individual who experienced anything illness ranging from abdominal pain to cancer was told his humours were going up. Later, the "acids hypothesis" was adopted and it was said that all undiagnosed disease conditions were due to a mysterious acid.

This doesn't mean that allergies do not exist, rather there are groups of body reactions that were named as allergy. There are basically two of such groups: those restricted on the surface of the skin, and those which are found in the respiratory cavities such as the throat, chest, and nasal zones.

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Those centred in the respiratory centre include illness such as sinusitis, hay fever, asthma, and so forth. But, hay fever and sinus conditions tend to spread to other body parts and cause reactions such as watery eye, reddened eye etc. There is valid justification to relate these to lack of vitamin C and so natural Vitamin C pills have demonstrated to be helpful in the treatment of such hypersensitivity reactions, likewise B complex.

When there is an over acid secretion in the body, it can be related to skin allergies such as hives; these acids are produced in the body and so should not be mistaken with the "mysterious acids" that was claimed to be the cause of many diseases two hundred years ago. These acids produced in the body are utilised daily by the food we eat. Hyper-acid condition will not be favoured by a balanced diet in its natural form. To get rid of this condition, the body needs to be cleansed thoroughly.

Mild enemas (1 daily, for seven days); Herbal laxative pills (1-2 times daily for three days) and then return to Nature Diet will supply the through broom that a hyper-acid condition demands. The proposal included day by day regular natural bath with specific emphasis upon the influenced territory. Douche (pressure) showers upon the influenced region and then a gentle rub after the shower were shown to be helpful. In a condition of dry skin, a few drops of olive oil is useful.

It is advisable to soften the water used for bathing with a cup of starch, for skin allergy patients. It is also advisable never to be use Bicarbonate of soda while softening the water because it is an alkali. Therefore, it will have a drying and destructive effect on the skin.

For dry skin, the frequency and duration of the bath should not be too often or lengthy. The bath ought to be as snappy as possible, and olive oil may diminish the loss of skin oil.

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